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Birthday Goodies

hey guys so as some of you know today is my 21st birthday wewt (i'm getting old T_T) I thought I would share with you guys some of the
awesome things I got this year

dvd + ps3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Star Ocean. First Daughter and Ponyo awesomness!!!

small owl The owl bag of awesomness!!

small swarovski mmmm Swarovski

small swarovski2 and this is what was inside it!! mmmm swarovski alice white rabbit necklace <3

small earings really beautiful earrings !!

My parents are also getting me a new camera! so I'm really excited
about that probably either from the panasonic range or the canon cause they are both pretty good!
I also got some amazing gifts from friends but I havent taken photos
^^; some include a lovely handmade bag by one of my best friends
sabina <3 some awesome film stills from Ponyo and Howls Moving castle
*drool* Gloves of epicness and many other awesome things.

Thankyou to everyone who wished me a happy birthday I love you all so dearly!!